Authorial natural stone fountains and sculptures inspired by nature.

We specialize in creating outdoor and indoor fountains, sculptures, garden furniture, vases from marble, granite, travertine. Our structures are handmade with care of the smallest details.


Inspired by one of the four elements – water, which combined with natural stone changes the image of every garden. The gentle sound of flowing water and the brightness of flashing lights in night scenery are fests for the eyes and ears.


Our sculptures are the reflection of nature caught in motion, captured in
marble, granite, travertine. Our offer includes both minimalistic indoor
sculptures and large garden structures.

Garden furniture

Our natural stone garden furniture is not only an original, but also a
practical garden decoration. We offer i.a. tables, outdoor garden sinks.


Our natural stone vases complement bouquets and potted plants. We make them in different sizes and color combinations, with care of the smallest details.

Natural stone fountains and sculptures